When I was getting my start in photography in the very early 2000's, I attended way more concerts than I can keep track of. Sometimes 3-4 per week while still in college. Having an on campus  job as a concert promoter, I was lucky to make connections with bands and record labels. So much that I was very lucky to receive photo passes from the record labels and bands all over the north east. One of those concerts was The Used at the Palladium in Worcestor, MA. 

I remember getting to meet up with the band ahead of time and speaking with them about photographing the show. My friends and I must have earned their trust because they allowed us to video record and still shoot their entire performace. Typically, photographers are only allowed the first 3 songs of a bands performance. What I think is the coolest part about this story is Bert McCracken (lead singer of The Used), walked up to security before the show and told them myself and my friends were allowed the entire show. Needless to say, as an early 20-something kid, I was extremely excited!!

Fast forward 20+ years later, I still have all my film negatives from these shows. Out of the archive, here are a few images of Bert McCracken from that show with The Used. The second image (left vertical photo) on this gallery I printed for my final thesis photography show before graduation and still have it framed to this day.

These photographs were shot with my Pentax ZX-30 and Kodak 800 film. I purchased my Pentax camera when I started my intro to photography course in college.